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Estate Planning is more then saving taxes and avoiding probate. It is about passing on wealth and values in ways that encourage and support but don’t dis-incentivize or promote the growth of human weeds.

As an attorney, my conversational counseling-oriented approach will help you explore all the available planning options and opportunities, many of which you never thought about and no other attorney has mentioned.

My job is to lay out all the design options, and pitfalls, because there is no one right answer, though there are some wrong ones, depending on your circumstances, and only you can say what those are once you understand the big picture.

Designing and signing your trust is half the task, Trust funding, or transferring assets into the name of your Living Trust, is the equally important second half that is an often overlooked, and I help you complete that as well. Full trust funding and periodic reviews ensure that your planning is always up to date and fully actionable exactly as you want it be.

As a Private Professional Fiduciary for high net worth clients I bring two decades of experience working with the asset protection and tax mitigation strategies large estates require.

I can make your life easier because I know how to carryout complex trust administration in coordination with your existing wealth team and other advisors and professionals so you can worry less and enjoy your life more.