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I provide the most comprehensive estate planning you have ever seen.

My 'Counseling-Oriented' approach explores all the options and opportunities available to you, many of which you have never even heard of before and no attorney will offer you. 

A true 'Counseling Oriented' approach ensures that your final estate plan is really designed by you, the client, and not your attorney.  

Next, Trust Funding, or re-titling your assets into the name of your Living Trust, is an essential and often over looked part of the process which, if not done properly, guarantees probate, which is one of the evils your estate planning is designed to avoid. 

Finally, a formal periodic review of your estate plan in light of the changeable nature of life and the legal environment in which we live ensures your plan will always be ready to do what you designed it to do.

My philosophy is a simple commitment to creating plans that protect you and your family in case of an illness or disability, and simplifies the transition of control and assets upon such an occurrence at the lowest overall costs to everyone. 

For my clients Estate Plans are not just about saving taxes and avoiding probate.  They allow them to pass on what they have in ways that are encouraging and supportive but not disincentivizing or promoting the development of Human Weeds.