For Clients who want to be sure the right people are in place to manage and distribute their estate and to arrange for the guardianship of minor children.

Level One is a Revocable Living Trust that instructs Successor Trustees what to do for the Trustmakers and their family after a death or in case of disability without the cost, publicity and delay of probate.

FEE RANGE $2,000- $3000


For Clients who want more then naming of guardians and probate avoidance and want to ensure that the assets of the Trustmakers and their children are protected

Level Two enhances Level One by providing lifetime asset protection for the surviving spouse and beneficiaries from estate taxes, creditors and bad judgment through credit shelter trusts and detailed distribution provisions.

FEE RANGE $3,500 - $5,500


For Clients who want to express their family values using in-depth planning to identify their family’s needs and goals and creates planning to protect the family assets for generations.

Level Three expands Level One and Two Protections for the Trustmakers with Disability Guidelines, Family Philosophy Statements, Remarriage Restrictions and Pet Trusts, and provides Beneficiaries with Substance Abuse and Troubled Child Provisions, Trust Protectors, Education and Income Incentives, Investment Counsel, Discretionary Distribution Guidelines, Child Mentorship Language, Generation Skipping Trusts, Conduit Trusts and Special Needs Trusts.

FEE RANGE $6,000 +

There is no charge for our initial meeting where I answer all your questions and explain all your options. At the end of our initial meeting I will quote you a flat fee to create the planning you choose. A fully refundable deposit of half my fee will be due before work begins.

All Plans Include Unlimited In-Home or In-Office Day, Evening or Weekend Appointments, Design and Execution Meetings for Your Living Trust, Pour Over Will(s), Advance Health Care Directive(s), HIPAA Authorization(s), General Durable Power(s) of Attorney and Bill(s) of Sale along with Full Trust Funding, a 5 Year Docubank Membership, Unlimited Document Changes for One Year, Trust Summary and Glossary, Free Phone Calls and In-Home and Office Visits for Life.

All Work Comes With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back.