Barry W. Finkelstein is dedicated to providing the high quality, comprehensive personalized estate planning for individuals and couples, their families and their businesses.

Barry's has a very 'Counseling-Oriented' approach to estate planning that explores all the planning options and opportunities, of which many techniques clients have never heard of or thought about doing for themselves or their loved ones. The 'Counseling Oriented' approach ensures that the final estate plan is truly designed by the client, not by the attorney. Next, changing of title and the transfer of appropriate assets into the name of Living Trust is an essential and often over looked part of the estate planning process which, if not done properly, is guaranteed to lead to the probate and court involvement which this type of planning is designed to avoid. Finally, formal review and updating of the estate plan every two years ensures the client's planning is always current in light of the changeable nature of our lives and the legal environment in which we live.

"My philosophy is a simple commitment to creating estate plans that not only carry out the wishes of the trust maker while they are alive and well, but also protects them and their family in case of an illness or disability, and simplifies the transition process after a death. All at the lowest overall costs to my client and their loved ones."

Barry is committed to helping his clients understand that 'Estate Planning' is not just about saving taxes and avoiding probate, but that proper "Estate Planning" is life planning and about maintaining control of assets and protecting the quality of life for the Trustmakers and their families in the event of a disability prior to death, and then the passing on of wealth to loved ones in a manner that encourages, supports and nurtures them without turning them into "Human Weeds".